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Mortgage, Commercial, Insurance, Investment Audits

As an inspector, we provide residential, commercial, automotive, equipment and property condition reports that are accessible as soon as the job is done. We are aligned with nationwide agencies to provide evaluations and inspections with your specifications. We are required to maintain current background checks as well as  train and test to stay abreast of industry standards.

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Door Knocks

We are normally hired by a lawyer or through an agency to deliver legal papers to their clients. These deliveries include law suits,  debt collection, failure to respond, notice to call letters,  insurance and other documentations.

Affidavit of Service - the document has been handed directly to person and an oath (swear) has been issued back to the lawyer or agency. Often, a photo is requested.

Failed attempt - the process server maybe required to leave a letter taped to the door, leave it with someone authorized to accept or deliver it through the mail.

We are also able to provide document retrieval services as well as piracy surveillance audits.

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Georgia Certified Process Server (OCGA 9-11-4.1)

GA Judicial Council's Administrative Office of the Courts (JC/AOC)

12hr Pre- Certification