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An extended service of a notary is proctoring exams. We follow the policies and procedures of the hiring entity while providing flexibility in time and location for the test taker.

As notaries and proctors, we are held to high regard for protecting sensitive material and providing a safe environment for the student's best outcome on assessments. We do this by maintaining confidentiality and security for all assessment material and testers personal information.

Commonly requested exams:

*Georgia MLS testers must call 770.493.9000 x382 to schedule an off-site exam.

*Our role  as proctors is provide access to our clients so that they  stay in compliance with current Food Codes.  We are independent contractors. Instructors and Proctors are not employees, agents, contractors or representatives of the National Restaurant Association Solutions or any NRA Solutions' affiliated entities.  

Find Us on SmarterProctoring

SmarterProctoring provides a flexible and credible way to manage and administer proctored exams with support for face-to-face and online proctoring. 

1. Login to the SmarterProctoring Dashboard

2. Once you have logged in, choose the course that you need to schedule an exam for.

3. When you see your exams, pick the one you need to schedule and select Choose a Proctor.

4. The Proctor Groups page will appear, select the group that best applies to you and your course.

NOTE: On the Locate Proctor page, the results will be sorted by distance (closest in proximity proctors are first). You may also re-sort by the price of the proctors.