Additional Streams of Income

I have taken hundreds of courses on additional streams of income, but many of the resources listed are not applicable to my state, which would always lead to a sigh. This document provides a list of additional streams of income that are relevant to Georgia residents.

Please note, that in my opinion, I believe that additional streams of income should not just mean adding more work. It should be a combination of both earned and unearned income. We should strive for a certain level of earned income, but also be able to manage work-life balance. In addition, we should have a combination of earned income, profit income, rental income, portfolio income, residual income, passive income, and capital gains.

It is my hope that you will use your current skillsets, industry awareness and business relationships to take advantage of these and other opportunities.


Due diligence is required when investing or signing up for any entity listed on this page. You are at your own risk or success when using these resources. Some of these companies may be out of business. I can not guarantee your income. What you put into something normally dictates your ROI.

Signing Agencies

(Includes some directs most w/reroute to a platform)

Accountable Agents LLC

Americas Notary Pro

Snapdocs - platform

Signing Order - platform

Notary Cafe - platform

Notary Dash

Notary Jane

123 Notary - platform

5 Star Signing

Notary Rotary - platform

5280 Signings


ASAP Signing Service

Asset Recovery


Central Signing Service (Initial Here)

Client First Title

Close Wise

Cloud Signings LLC



Eagle Eye Signings

Equity National Title

EscrowTab - eNotary/iPen

Express Notary (360 inc)

Field Choice

Firma Signing Solutions

First Preference Signings LLC

NSS Notary

Golden Eagle Notary

INKY Closings Inc.

L & L Notary Services

Link Signings


Maverick Auto Signings

Mobile Notary Zone

National Loan Closers

National Signature Closers

National Signing Service

Nationwide Loan

Notaries Express

Notaries To You



Notary 24/7

Notary Cafe - platform

Notary Central USA

Notary Dash

Notary Depot

Notary Dispatch

Notary Go

Notary Guest

Notary Rotary

Notary Resume

NSS Notary

Old Republic Title

On-Time Notary

PAC Signing LLC

Point Pacific

Prestige Notaries


Right Now Notary

Quick Closings 123

Safe Signings

Service Link

Sign Here Ink, LLC

Signature Closers - platform

Signature Signings

Signature Xcel/Sign X

Signing Carolina

Signature Line

Signing Services of America


Solidifi Title & Closing

Sunshine Signing Connections

Superior Notary

The Closing Signing Service

The Closings Exchange

The Notary Connex - platform

The Notary Spot


Title Now LLC

Title 365 Signings

Triple Check Notary

Trusted Signing

Unlimited Ink Notary

US Certified Signers

Watermark Services Inc.

WFG Lender Services

X Marks The Spot


Field Inspections

(Audits, Property Inspections,  Photography, Auto Claims, Door Knocks...)

If you enjoy this line of work or have relevant experience, you can become a certified inspector.

You maybe asked to verify occupancy of a property, check property conditions, interior/exterior inspections, verify improvement claims, or  foreclosure inspections.  In addition, investors will hire you to take photos of a property before they make a decision.

You need reliable transportation, a camera phone and a clean background check. Some inspections require measuring devices and even drones for roof top inspections. You can invest as little or as much as you like. The pay can be $5 - $100+. When it is on the lower it is best to "route" your work so that you can do several properties in the same area to generate the income you want for a set number of hours or day. Most notaries do this type of work in between signings.

A2Z Field Services





Direct Connect

FAR Inspections

Field Choice

Five Brothers


Sand Dollor

National Mortgage Field Svc

Metro Inspections

CAC Services

Checkmate Inspections

Collateral Specialists


Favored Panel (mystery shopping)

Field Asset Services

GCS Research

GIS Field Services

Ground Works


Jancyn (mystery shopping)


Mortgage Contracting Svc (MCS)

Metro Inspections

Midwest Technical Inspections

Morley (DeMars & Associates)

National Mortgage Field Services Inspection (NMFS)

National Field Reps (NFR)

National Risk Service, Inc.

Nations Valuations Services



Overland Solutions

Ownes Insurance


Pacific Field Services

Photo Inspection



s2 Inspect

Safeguard Properties

Sentinel Field Services

Solid Foundation


Spectrum Field Services

The Source/TrendSource

Sandcastle Field Services

Sutton Inspection Bureau

Virtual Site Inspections

JMI Reports



Process Server

(Paid to Deliver Legal Papers)

Georgia AOC


Learning Shop USA

Continuing Ed Only

EZ Legal ED, LLC

In this industry, you are providing citizens the opportunity for due process of the law (5th amendment) by informing them when legal actions is being taken against them.

You must be a US citizen, age 18+ and reside in the sate that you will be issuing service of process. In Georgia, you will need to be licensed, insured and or bonded. 

To become certified (3 yr term), you must understand that this is an investment. You must take a 12 hr pre-certification course, pay an application fee for each court (county) you wish to serve, take the state exam, and then be sworn in by a sheriff. You can do as few or as many counties as you are capable of serving. 

Pays from $5 to $100 on average, especially if there are repeat visits for one case. 

A lot of people prefer to work with probate court and serve divorce and family related documents or serve eviction notices. This can be done domestically and internationally by way of the Hague convention.

This is similar to doing door knocks which do not entail summons and subpoena legal papers. You will notice that some process servers are also private investigators.

Who You Can Work For:

Safety Deposit
Box Witness

(Ga. Code § 7-1-172)

This notarial assignment will require a lot of networking and marketing as it poses difficult to acquire this opportunity.

Current through 2023-2024 Legislative Session Chapter 353

Section 7-1-172 - Disposition of property in safe-deposit vault or held for safekeeping

(b) At the expiration of such period, if the lessee of a safe, vault, or safe-deposit box has not removed the contents thereof, the department may open such safe, vault, or safe-deposit box in the presence of a notary public not an officer or employee of the financial institution or of the department... 

As a notary hired to perform this service, you must be present when a safe deposit box is opened. You will inventory the contents of the box or watch staff and note what is being documented. Afterwards, you will complete by writing and saying out loud the name of the lessee, the date of opening and the contents found wherein.

Permit "Runner" Expediter

(Secure Proper Jurisdictional Permits for Contractors)

This service can be for building, health, sign, HVAC, solar permitting, etc. Pays about $75 to $1200+ depending on request.

A background with construction, building codes and zoning is helpful but not required. 

You could be asked to "run" permits back n forth to the courts, apply for building permits, or do permit history research.

One assignment could include filling out an application, registering the contractor (if not already), printing or efile a permit package, proof for signatures, correct errors and deliver approved permits by hand or email.

This field is not like the past, a lot of it has gone digital. The best groups to establish relationships with are solar, electric generator, window

Cynanotary - Notary Permit Runner Training

Prestige Notaries - (hires)

Exam Proctor

(Paid to Monitor

List your services directly and on proctor locators such as SmarterProctoring.

Become a ServSafe instructor/proctor.

Wedding Officiant

(Solemnize Marriages)

Not req t/register with any gov office before performing a marriage. You must be 18+. 

It takes minutes to get credentials to add this as a source of income.

Georgia Code Annotated 19-3-30 requires you to become an ordained minister. After that start your wedding and event planning business.

Online Ordained Minister License

American Marriage Ministries (AMM)

First National Marriage Ministry

The Universal Life Church

Open Ministry


(Written documents from source lang to target lang)

Translators work with written text while Interpreters work with spoken language.

There are no educational or professional requirements to sit the ATA certification exam. There is said to be a low pass rate for this exam. You can expect to invest about $700-$1000.

Georgia State University Translation Program

American Translators Association

AAIT - GA Chapter

Univ of N GA Professional Translator Certificate

Certified Translation Professional

Georgia Auctioneer

(Manage public sales of property,

autos, etc sold to highest bidder.)

There are five different types of auctions (Real Esate, Personal Property, Charity/Benefits, and Livestock). This maybe a great opportunity to learn a new trade while using your notary commission. Auctioneer and notaries tend to work together on Right to Sell/Consignment contracts, Registration contracts, and Bid Calling contracts.

Georgia Auctioneers Commission

Auctioneers receive commission based on a percentage of the winning bid or they charge a flat fee.

Georgia requirements are to complete an 80 hr pre license course by an approved school and be at least 18 with a high school diploma or GED.

Obtain an Auction School Certificate.

North Georgia School of Auctioneering

Southeastern School of Auctioneering

Get the applicable application signed and notarized and pay the state fee. Requires a background check and a notarized Affidavit of Citizenship.

Auctioneer by Examination (take the test) $200

Auctioneer by Reciprocity/Endorsement (out of state) No exam required based on case by case time statues $200

If you are a realtor, this maybe a bonus for you as Georgia requires you to have both a real estate license and an auctioneer license to sell real estate at auctions.

Georgia Auctioneers Association, Inc.

National Auctioneers Association

Jobs in this area tend to be listed as auctioneer, auction coordinator, sales block trainer, virtual block specialist, auction services associate, sale day driver,

CPR Instructor

(BLS, FA CPR AED Trainer)

Everyone needs to know how to provide First Aid and CPR. This can lead to great bundles for notaries that provide pre-employment services. I do!

You are able to earn apx $60 - $125/per student.

You must align with a training entity from American Heart Association, American Red Cross the Health & Safety Institute. or the National Safety Council.

You can start your FA CPR AED business by marketing to:

Wide Load (P/EVO)

(Pilot Car/ Escort Driver)

Drive Safe, Display Warning Signs, a Defensive Driver Course, and CPR certified are the basic requirements for this additional stream of income.

In GA, all pilot car/escort vehicles drivers must be certified

80% pass rate on GA Dept of Public Safety Oversize/Overweight Permit Unit's Escort Vehicle Operator Certification Program.

Certification is 4 yrs at $79

Certified Escort Vehicle Student Workbook

Market and find jobs on loadboards like Pilot Car Loads

Heavy Haulers

Sample Contractor Agreement

Certified Organizer

(Organizing, Staging, Color Consultant, Aging in Place Design)

If you already have a knack for being organized, love to decorate and a DIYer, this might be the additional stream of income for you. You can earn $50-$125/hr on average.

In today's society, everyone is looking for work-life-balance as well as the need to practice mindfulness. With your help, this can be achieved. If we declutter our spaces, we declutter our minds which can lead to more productivity and improve health.

Color Consultant - if you just have the eye for coordination, build your portfolio by transforming spaces

Staging - help sellers and real estate agents bring out the best in their properties

Professional Organizer - from the busy mom/dad to the hoarder, help them get organized in their space

Aging in Place - help seniors redesign their space to help them keep their independence.

You do not need to be certified to start this business but certification can dictate pricing and also give you a better skill set.

Certified Organizers follow the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers (BPO). Others follow, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing, then you have DorothyTheOrganizer (DTO) Certification Program

Professional Organizing Certification Courses Georgia

Certified Professional Organizer 

Professional Organizer Certificate Course Online

From personal experience, I used the How to Get Your Shit Together (HowToGYST) Clutter Freein5 challenge. It uses techniques from Marie Kondo.

Freight Broker

(connecting shippers with truckers)

Freight Broker - connects shippers with carriers (insurance and license)
**Dispatchers - work for the carrier to find loads for a trucking company(unregulated)

Dispatchers like mobile notaries make business for other convenient so they can continue to make money, save time and energy.

Dispatchers search load boards to find cargo. Pickup Info, Delivery Info, Freight Info, Carrier Pay, and Who's My Driver are all you need to know to earn this additional stream of income.

Profit or weekly income as an independent dispatcher ($1000 – $2500 weekly). Dispatchers often charge a flat rate per truckload or a percentage of the earnings from each load (5-10%).

If you already have great customer service, phone skills, schedule notaries (other), then this maybe for you. Experience in logistics and transportation or shipping and transportation is a plus. There are several notary/dispatchers in Georgia.

Independent dispatchers provide truck drivers with information to manage their loads. Many of these individuals go onto to becoming Freight Brokers, leasing/purchasing vehicles and staffing loads themselves.

Some of the documents we tend to notarize for this industry are:
Operation (contracts to sign with your clients, Power of Attorney, Payment Authorization, carrier profile and reference forms. If you are not interested in dispatching market to this sector for more notary business.

To get started:

Develop relationships with  Freight Brokers.
Dispatching Software and Equipment

Get a Load Board Subscription (free to Paid)


Best: Partner with a notary, that's already doing it
Freight Dispatcher Audio 2023

Truck Dispatching Training Online

Learn Dispatch

Boss Dispatching Academy

Real Estate Photography

(Buyer/Seller & Investors Photos)

It is possible to earn up to $150 for 220 sq ft home taking photos. Some photographers charge per image and even more for editing and more for using a drone photography.

If you love taking pictures, may as well make some cash in between those notary assignments. Market to brokers, real estate agents and investors.

Be sure to add this to your profiles to get direct calls from local and out of state investors. They normally ask for 20-30 photos, easy peasy to negotiate your cost plus mileage.

PlanOmatic - 6 -10 shoots daily, avg $40/per shoot

HomeJab - avg $100 per shoot

Mobile Lab

(Use your previous exp or partner with a CNA, CMA, phlebotomist for new biz)

Mobile B-12 & Injections

DOT(nonDOT) Specimen Collection

Background Checks


Phlebotomy Draws

Gender Reveal Biz

Drug Screening Biz

Wellness Checks Biz

Blood Pregnancy Test Biz

Other Opportunities

I hope you found this resource page helpful.  If so , let  me know Notary NeedZ (mobile).